Top 5 Most Controversial South African Celebrities

In almost every county, entertainers are the most popular people you will find anywhere. These celebrities attract lots of love and attention wherever they go. In some cases, they also attract hatred and envy due to their controversial status.

South Africa has some of the most known musicians in Africa. Some of these musicians are not just good at what they do, but they also have a subtle way of inciting controversy with ease.

These celebrities are musicians who have developed thick skin to both the public critique of their music and the negative remarks they receive when they step out of the line. Let us take a look at South Africa’s most controversial musicians.

Kelly Khumalo

Named the best newcomer in the Afro Pop music scene as far back as 2005, Kelly Khumalo has been in controversy with the South African public since her boyfriend died in October 2014. The rapper and dancer who won the Best Female Artist award at the 19th South African Music Awards has constantly had to answer questions since robbers invaded her home and killed Meyiwa Senzo.

Zodwa Wabantu

This list would be incomplete without mentioning arguably the most controversial South African and dancer/singer Zodwa Wabantu.

Wabantu hasn’t only been controversial within the shores of South Africa, she has taken her controversies international. The performer is famous for going on stage without wearing underwear. There have been scenarios where she even performed without clothes or was scantily clad. Between 2017 and 2018, Zodwa was banned from performing in Zambia and Zimbabwe due to her stage ethics.

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Ntsiki Mazwai

Ntsiki Mazwai
Ntsiki Mazwai

The musician and beadwork artist has never shied away from inciting controversy. She remains one of the most disliked celebrities in South Africa, especially as she keeps criticising black women’s fixation on coveting white women attributes.

She has received numerous threats on social media for her seemingly anti-black opinions. However, the multi-talented musician cum event planner doesn’t seem like bowing to her Internet opponents. Mazwai tells social media users to block her if they do not like her opinions.


Also known as Smiso Zwane, Okmalumkoolkat belongs to the duo Dirty Paraffin, a music band from Durban. The rapper used to be much-loved by the South African people. However, he was alleged to have been involved in sexual assault which earned him some jail time. Since then, Okmalumkoolkat has seen a total change in his reputation in the music scene.

Steve Hofmeyr

Steve Hofmeyr
Steve Hofmeyr

As a singer and TV presenter, Steve Hofmeyr has the perfect tools to start controversies when he likes, of which he has done exactly that for quite some time. In 2008, it was reported that Hofmeyr assaulted an editor of Huisgenoot, Espare Weideman at the Miss South Africa Finals. Hofmeyr alledgly blamed Weideman for his divorce from estranged wife Sutherland. He keeps posting polarising content on his social media platforms.

The musicians listed above have made the South African entertainment industry so much interesting for fans and foes alike.

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