Kelly Khumalo Is On The Verge of Breaking Up With Alcohol

South African singer and music maestro Kelly Khumalo has suggested she might be on the verge of quitting her sordid relationship with alcohol.

The singer claims despite being a regular drinker, she finds it difficult within herself whenever she takes alcohol.

Recall that she launched her own brand of gin dubbed Controversy, which has been the only brand that she indulges. Alas, the Love Affair crooner does not like the trips she gets even from her product.

Kelly Khumalo made the headlines when she got on her knees while crying and asked all to pray for the adverse effect of Covid-19. Following the report, there were rife report that she’d only drink something lighter.

However, the lady singer has even decided to quit alcohol all together which has come as a massive surprise to all and sundry.

“I think my relationship with alcohol is doomed, my body is literally rejecting it, why do I still drink? I’m up trying to figure out why do I continue to do this to myself? Honestly this can’t be my life.”

If she does quit alcohol, it will ultimately affect her health in a positive manner. So, it is a move in the right direction.

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