Photo: Ntsiki Mazwai brings down the internet with her uncensored nude picture

South African singer Ntsiki Mazwai has thrown the internet in wild hysteria after brandishing a picture of her nudes.

The 40 year old singer celebrated Valentines day in company of her friend Mihlali Ndamase and other ladies but their activity for that day has left so much to be desired.

Ntsiki, who was born in Soweto South Africa, displayed her swimming skills but she flaunted all of her body. The singer who has a curves has proven that everybody must be confident with their bodies.

It is not the first time Ntsiki has been found flaunting her body on social media, she has been dubbed as a nudist by some people but she is not one that really cares about the opinion of people.

The post generated several reactions as a chunk of her fanbase called on her to be modest with the type of post she makes on social media.

As a personae of influence, her activities directly affects the society, hence, the call for modesty.

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