Zihle Mabena Describes Her Time In Jail

South African actor Zihle Mabena started the year on the wrong foot but it appears she’s found her rhythm and her have life back.

Recall that she was involved in an accident that left a man paralyzed with two other dead, this happened a few years ago after she was found driving while drunk.

We hear that Zihle Mabena is already asking for divorce from her ex husband, who accused her of trying to kill her.

She appeared before Pretoria Magistrates’ Court yesterday following accusation of conspiracy to commit murder.

According to a story peddled by the Sun, she tried to kill her ex husband in January but his body guard died. Although, evidences were tendered but they were not enough to nail the actor.

She granted an interview, where she revealed that she’s just recovering from the trauma of spending the night in jail.

This is what she told Daily Sun about her time in jail: “This was traumatic to say the least. The prosecution have seen through the shenanigans peddled against me and have thrown the case out of court. I am free and going home to re-join my children.”

She sent her thanks to all those who stood by her during the trial.

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