Prince Kaybee takes a swipe at musicians making Amapiano music

South African music producer Prince Kaybee has revealed why he would not delve into making Amapiano music during a Twitter Q and A.

The singer and music producer is known to be one of the biggest makers of Afro House songs, it appears that he’s stock on that kind of sound.

He was quizzed on Twitter by a fan if he’d consider doing the Amapiano song, and his response was not in the affirmative, with claim that it is for kids.

Apparently, he’s not happy with the number of artistes that have dropped hits Amapiano songs. However, there is a claim that he made a song in the genre in his last Project Hope Season 1 Album.

Prince kaybee further posited that the genre would not stand the test of time like the one he loves to do.

We wait to see how all of these pans out though.

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