Government paid gospel singer Dr Tumi R500,000 to pray for South Africa

Several reactions have trailed the decision of South African government to pay Gospel singer Dr Tumi a collosal R500,000 to pray for the country.

A 2-hour virtual prayer session was held as organised by Gauteng department of sport, arts, culture & recreation. This spirtual exercise was led and moderated by Dr Tumi.

The prayers were said for the country just a day before the lock down of 2020, Dr Tumi said he asked for the prayers to lift the mood of his compatriots. He did the session in company of six gospel singers, with an audience of about 1700 viewers on Youtube.

He broke down the payment for the exercise that included fees for sound engineers, two camera operators, Lighting technician and a broadcasting van.

“There are a lot of lockdown TV shows that are going around and I can tell you that they are costly,” Dr Tumi said when he was quizzed about the exercise.

The Prayer service was also aired on Facebook and it lasted for about 1hr 42mins.

It is widely revealed that Dr Tumi charges R150,000 per event but this has seen his stock increased.