Black Motion addresses rumour of a potential split – Watch


Music-dance duo Black Motion have reacted to the said rumours of them splitting within hours of the release of their new album The Healers (The Last Chapter).

The Afro House producers just concluded the production of their sixth studio album which has been released to the public. However, some fans have been asking if the suffix to the Black Motion’s album – The Last Chapter – would mean no more of the highly celebrated South African duo.

The question has been begging a reply and both Smol and Murdah Bongz constantly ignored until now. However they have now cleared the air. Stating that it only means the last chapter of their first decade as a musical group.

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There’s a lot of pressure putting an album out all over the world and hoping that people everywhere will like it. Thanks for the LOVE..!

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Black Motion look forward to another successful decade as they hope to keep releasing more dance tracks whilst thanking their teeming fans for the love and support thus far.

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