Black Coffee blown away by the love and support for ‘Subconsciously’ Album

Following the release of his latest “Subconsciously” Album, South African DJ Black Coffee has laid bare his delight over the wide acceptance the compilation has gotten.

Black Coffee has left his fans starving as it was a huge come back from the release of his “The Djoon Experience”, released in 2013.

“Subconsciously” has a dozen songs ranging from tunes in Deep House, Hypnotic beats and the likes. He also got international acts like Pharrell Williams, David Guetta, Tellaman, Cassie, and Usher as his feature, which added so much value to the Album.

Since it’s release, the dance music star has earned rave reviews for putting together a world class album. And the star has taken to twitter to lay bare his delight over the number of commendations he’s gotten thus far.

“It’s just over 48 hours since #Subconsciously dropped and I’m completely blown away by all of the love and support from all around the world!

“Big love to the team at @Spotify for bringing the album to bright lights in New York City and Toronto,” he wrote.

With musicians like Black Coffee, it promises to be a great year musically.

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