ALBUM: VA – Black Is Brown Compilation, Vol. 2

ALBUM: VA – Black Is Brown Compilation, Vol. 2

Download VA – Black Is Brown Compilation, Vol. 2 Album

At last Mr JazziQ and his Black Is Brown entertainment signees slashes all the odds to float their highly anticipated album “Black Is Brown Compilation, Vol. 2”.

The first volume of the release has been very much talked about but this “Black Is Brown Compilation, Vol. 2” is gaining even more traction on charts because of the singers and songs on the compilation.

Check out VA – Black Is Brown Compilation, Vol. 2 Album Tracklist

Justin99 – Amaghost (feat. Mema_Percent, Romeo & Shoesmiester)
Justin99 & Star’Jazz – Dlala 99 (feat. Yung Silly Coon & PILLS)
Justin99, Star’Jazz & Mr JazziQ – Mozambique (feat. 10x Guluva, Yung Silly Coon & PILLS)
Zan’Ten, Papi SA & Romeo – Ebum’nandini
Sgija’Disciples – oMama
Sgija’Disciples & Mr JazziQ – Sinbells
Star’Jazz & Djy Biza – Welele Mbeshe (feat. Pills & 10x Guluva)
Star’Jazz & Mr JazziQ – Die Hard (feat. Shoesmiester)
Mr JazziQ, Star’Jazz & Sgija’Disciples – Inganekwane (feat. F3 Dipapa)
Djy Biza, 10x Guluva & Mr JazziQ – Gugu
Djy Biza & SjavasDaDeejay – Expensive Taste
F3 Dipapa & Zan’Ten – Dombolo (feat. Lacole)
Phoenix – Mayo (feat. Zan’Ten, Lemaza & Mema_Percent)
Mr JazziQ & Tsiki XII – Let’s operate (feat. Siya Sindane, Leo Deep, Mlwazino & Mshengu No Tata)
Phoenix – Tech Way
Kay Invictus, F3 Dipapa & Mr JazziQ – Sgcebezane (feat. M.J & Sizwe Alakine)
Kay Invictus, 10x Guluva & Djy Biza – Bazala
Zan’Ten, Kay Invictus & Mr JazziQ – Khupuka
Kay Invictus & Pcee – Ziyawa kwa Kay (feat. Sjijo)

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