Album: Joyous Celebration – Joyous Celebration Vol 2

Download Joyous Celebration – Joyous Celebration 1 Album Zip

Joyous CelebrationJoyous Celebration 2 Zip Download. Here is the second sequel compilation of Joyous Celebration since they were formed in 1996, the album is called Joyous Celebration 2.

Joyous Celebration 2 is a compilation of 12 solid gospel songs by Joyous Celebration, who have dropped up to the 24th series.

Check out their tracklist below

1. Overture || Mp3 Download
2. Total Praise || Mp3 Download
3. Uthando olungaka || Mp3 Download
4. Bonga (Ukuhlabelela) || Mp3 Download
5. Uthando Iwam || Mp3 Download
6. He Brought Me This Far|| Mp3 Download
7. Lenjabulo || Mp3 Download
8. I’m Just a Nobody || Mp3 Download
9. Heaven Medley || Mp3 Download
10. I Wanna Be Perfect|| Mp3 Download
11. Uthando Lukababa || Mp3 Download
12. I Know the Lord|| Mp3 Download
13. What a Friend || Mp3 Download
14. Glory Medley || Mp3 Download

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